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Professor, PhD

Acad. G. Bonchev Str., Bl. 107 Sofia 1113 Bulgaria

Телефон: 3592 8700161/48 вътрешен 1011, 1012,1013, 1014, 1048

Факс: 3592 9797056

Мобилен: 0888837011

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Допълнителна информация

Допълнителна информация:


Date and place of birth:

  • Place of birth: Magadan region, Russia

  • Date of birth: January 24, 1960

  • Nationality: Russian

Education and academic degrees obtained:

  • University of Leningrad (St. –Petersburg), Geology Faculty, Geochemistry Department, 1983
  • CLMC-BAS, PhD, “Mineralogy and Crystallography”, 2001
  • CLMC-BAS, Senior Research Associate Degree II “Mineralogy and Crystallography”, 2003
Professional experience and Administrative positions:
  • CLMC-BAS, Scientific Secretary, 2007 - till now
  • CLMC-BAS, Chairman of the Assembly of Scientists in CLMC-BAS, 2004 - 2007
  • CLMC-BAS, Senior Research Associate in Department „Structural Crystallography”, 2003 - till now
  • CLMC-BAS, Research Associate Degree I, “Mineralogy and Crystallography”, Department „Structural Crystallography”, 1999-2003
  • CLMC-BAS, Chief of Electron Microscopy Laboratory, 1995 - till now
  • Institute of Applied Mineralogy – BAS, Research Associate Degree II, “Mineralogy and Crystallography”, 1986

Fields of interest and research:

  • Indicator properties of minerals; electron microscopy and electron probe microanalysis; structural mechanisms of mineral transformations; weathering processes; sol-gel processes; nanoprocesses and nanomaterials; REE-Th-U minerals.

Membership in Scientific Societies:

  • Bulgarian Geological Society - regular member.
  • Bulgarian Mineralogical Society
  • Editorial Board of the Journal “Reviews of Bulgarian Geological Society" (since 2003)

Most imortant projects:

  • "Chemical and structural transformation of tungsten minerals at low-temperature (exogene) conditions: experiment, analysis and modeling" (1996-2000), funded by Bulgarian National Scientific Fund, № NZ-636/1996 (project leader - M. Tarassov).

  • "Low-temperature formation and transformation of Fe(III) oxides and oxihydroxides under exogene conditions" (2002-2004). BAS-RAS bilateral agreement; partners: CLMC-BAS and Institute of Geology, Komi Research Centre, Ural Branch of the RAS (project leader - M. Tarassov, Bulgarian team).

  • “Crystal chemistry, defect structure and electron probe dating of allanites and monazites from magmatic and metamorphic rocks” (2003-2006), funded by Bulgarian National Scientific Fund, № NZ-1304/2003 (project leader - M. Tarassov).

“Minerals of rare elements in granites of S- and A-types on the example of peraluminous granites of Bulgaria and alkaline granites of the Kola Peninsula, Russia” (2009-2011). BAS-RAS bilateral agreement. Partners CLMC-BAS and Geological Institute of the Kola Science Centre of the RAS (project leader - M. Tarassov, Bulgarian team).

Selected publications:

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