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01 November  2017 (Friday) at 14:00 in the meeting room of IMC - BAS

Academic lecture : In situ isotopic mass spectrometry of solid phase materials,
lecturer Assoc. Prof. Valentin Ganev, PhD.

Academic lecture: Metasomatic minerals and products of their change: crystallochemistry, structural characteristics and their application as indicators of the conditions of formation 
lecturer Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yana Tsvetanova, PhD.

                                                                                                 All colleagues are invited!

Assoc. Prof. Dr. R.Titorenkova
Scientific Secretary of the IMC - BAS


On November 27, 2014 in CCI "Museum of the History of Sofia" the results of the project "Study of composition, structure, properties and obtain yellow pavement in Sofia" were presented.
The project was developed by an initiative group of members involving "Bulgarian crystallographic society" and experts from the Institute of Mineralogy and Crystallography - BAS, Institute of Physical Chemistry - BAS Institute of Catalysis - BAS, Institute of Information and Communication Technologies - BAS, Mining and Geology University "St. Ivan Rilski "and the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy – Sofia, with the financial support of Sofia Municipality under the" Europe 2014 " program, "Promoting smart and sustainable urban development by strengthening innovative activities in the public sector, carried out in cooperation between citizens, public organizations and local authorities. "
The meeting was opened by Svetlana Lomeva - member of the Coordination Council of "Europe 2014" and executive director of the Association for Development of Sofia. Assoc. Prof. Rositsa Nikolova - Chairman of the Bulgarian crystallographic society provided the results of the research project to Dr. Nadezhda Kirova-Iovcheva - Director of the Museum of History of Sofia as the yellow bricks are cultural values under the Law on Cultural heritage.
As a result of the project chemical and phase composition of yellow brick are defined, thermal behavior and the relationship between heat treatment, structure and properties are etablished. Guidance is given on the selection of appropriate resources and methods for future production of "authentic" pavers.