Associate Professor, PhD, Scientific Secretary

Acad. G. Bonchev Str., Bl. 107 Sofia 1113 Bulgaria

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Other information:


  • PhD in Mineralogy and Crystallography -2006 - Central Laboratory of Mineralogy and Crystallography, Sofia. Thesis: Mineralogical features of zircon from high-grade metagranites from Ograzhden, SMM, SW Bulgaria
  • MSc in Geochemistry – 1989 - Sofia University


  • Structural defects in minerals and various materials, Vibrational spectroscopy (Raman scattering and micro-IR spectroscopy), biological apatite, metamict and disordered minerals.


Postdoctoral Fellowship (JSPS) at Yamaguchi University, Japan (11.2010-11.2012), Department of Advanced Materials Science and Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Project title: Structural Investigation of Microporous Titanosilicates and Calcium Phosphates Nanocrystals.



DTK-0270/2009. Biomaterials for bone implants-Ca-phosphates based ceramics, cements and hybrid materials.

ТК-Х-1715/2007. Modification and modeling of physical parameters of crystals for optical storage and processing of information

TK-X-1712/07. Growth, characterization and investigation of the physical properties of new single crystals in the systems Bi-Co(Ni)-Mn(Ru)-O and La-Co(Ni)-Mn(Ru)-O and their magnetoelectrical/multiferoic behavior.

MU-38/2010.Optimization ofthe Er: YAGlaserparameters forminimal interventionin the treatment ofdental cariesin children, through experimentsin vitro.Prof.M.Rashkova(MU). Grant funding from MU- Sofia,2010.


Mineralogical Association of Canada


Bulgarian Geological Society


List of publications 2009-2014  

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